VIRTUAL LECTURER with POSTER presentation is one new unique option that gives you the opportunity to participate with a poster material as if you are at the conference venue.
All you have to do is to prepare your poster material (based on the paper that is going to be published) and send it by e-mail. We shall have the kind obligation to print and expose your poster at the respective session and make it approachable to all SGEM participants.

Virtual Lecturer fee of 246 covers:

  • 1 papers published in the Conference Proceedings (regular paper: 8 typewritten pages);
  • 1 paper exposed as a POSTER during the respective scientific session;
  • Printing the poster material in format A1 - full color - at organizer's expenses;
  • Possible submission of additional papers;
  • 1 volume* from the printed version of the SGEM Conference Proceedings - will be sent by post after the conference - at organizer's expenses;
  • Paper/s will be submitted for evaluation and indexation to:
    • ISI Web of Science/ Clarivate Analytics;
    • CrossRef;
    • DOI for every paper;
    • ProQuest;
    • EBSCOhost;
    • British Library;
    • Mendeley;
    • Google Scholar and more...

By wish / extra cost:

* CD/DVD version of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (all papers in PDF format) could be ordered in addition (on-line) at the complimentary price of € 89.
* Copy of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (1 volume) could be ordered in addition (by e-mail/at the venue) at the complimentary price of € 39.

*All upper mentioned fees excl. VAT

Note: Every Author should be aware of the Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement as well as the Cancellation Terms & Conditions.
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