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workshops session 2021

date icon Date / time icon Time : 25 August, 2021 / 11:30 - 13:20 h (CET+1)
place and hall icon Place : Workshop Session - WAVE Hall
conveyor icon Conveyor : Prof. Lucia Ruggeri – Full Professor, Director of the School of Specialization in Civil Law, University of Camerino, Italy

Description: Given that an economy based on fossil energy is no longer competitive, it is of primary importance to make a transition to an energy system based on renewable sources. That implies a global and general rethinking of the energy market, with its transformation from a centralized system to an open system with several production units where the consumer is transformed into a prosumer, that is a consumer who becomes a producer of energy, active on the new market. In the new global regulatory framework, it is pivotal to increase the energy market consumer’s knowledge and awareness about the benefits of the evolution in prosumers.

Helping the energy consumers to become prosumers is an important step to achieve the Agenda ONU 2030 goals and can contribute to contrast climate change. The main goal of the workshop is to realize a Prosumer’s Chart containing a list of barriers and a list of suggestions to remove prosumer’s obstacles and to set up energy communities. The workshop’s objective is to share information on the energy communities and analyse legal, economic, and social difficulties encountered by consumers.

During the workshop all participants (experts, researchers and professionals involved in energy transition) are involved in the discussion through a questionnaire delivered live streamed. The questionnaire will be accessible through a link that will be communicated at the end of the topic presentation. The questionnaire will be useful to encourage the exchange of knowledge, needs and ambitions. The questionnaire is composed of two multiple choice questions and two open-ended questions. In each of the two multiple choice questions all participants can choose one of the options and also insert their own comment in the "other" section. In each of the two open-ended questions participants have the opportunity to express their opinion. The questions are used to obtain information on the knowledge of prosumerism, on the development of the energy communities, on the economic, environmental and social benefits that all consumers will have.

Il will also be useful to collect suggestions from the workshop participants. All the answers will be the basis for the realization of a Prosumer’s Chart. The Prosumer’s Chart will provide the consumer with the necessary knowledge on prosumerism, energy transition and the decentralisation of energy production. The questionnaire will be useful for the exchange of information from the bottom up and promotes the participation of all citizens in energy communities. Partecipation in the questionnaire is voluntary.  

María Dolores Sánchez Galera – Research Associate and teaching fellow in Law and Sustainability, Instituto “Pascual Madoz” - Institute of Land, Urbanism and Environmental Law, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spagna – 10 minutes.

      Enabling Collective Energy Prosumers as the Only Venue for a Just Transition. A Social Justice Approach.

Kozue Kashiwazaki - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Global and Regional Studies, Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan – 10 minutes.

     Emerging prosumers in Japan: from technology to planning-based, top down to bottom-up.

Meruyert Narenova - Docent of Department of Economics & Management, University of International Business, Almaty, Kazakhstan – 10 minutes.

     The energy policy in Kazakhstan


Manuela Giobbi – Research Fellow, School of Law, University of Camerino - 5 minutes

     Questionnaire presentation


Panel and Participant Hands On Exercise and Discussion

All panelist and participants define the content of the Prosumer’s Chart.

WORKSHOP SESSION II: is planned to be presented as part of the upcoming SWS sessions in December, 2021, Vienna.

Information will be provided in addition!

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