O. M. Landiak
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


In the article the specificity of gifitі as a hybrid genre of New Media Art is investigated. The scientific novelty of the work consists in revealing the main genre characteristics of gifitі as the newest hybrid artifact in the contemporary audiovisual culture, as well as outlining the development prospects of this phenomenon within the New Media Art. The methodology of the research is based on using the genre concepts which sharpen the attention to the processes of hybridization in the contemporary genre generation. The results of the research provide the opportunity to define one more significant genre within the New Media Art that discloses the diffused specificity of the contemporary audiovisual art. Based on several parental artistic kinds such as graffiti, mural and GIF-animation, gifitі gradually forms its own genre specificity, which consists in the following: 1. low degree of commercialization unlike the parent genres; 2. departure from the tradition of the so-called three-dimensional graffiti and non-figurative art. The thematic field of the gifitі is quite diverse and includes ecologism, pacifism, anti-media, as well as sentimentalist reflection of human emotions, mood, aspirations. As compositional, stylistic and artistic features of gifitі could be mentioned the attraction of central composition, the imitation of the symbolic figurative style and the Optical Art aesthetics. At the same time, gifitі refers to the stylistics of the murals with their realistic and hyper-realistic features in conjunction with the grotesque.

Keywords: gifiti, graffiti, mural, GIF-animation, genre creation

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