I. RudzIte, S. Kukle
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Within the framework of the scientific paper, the technologies used in the manufacture of jewelry in the last 13 years in Latvia have been studied; the research was carried out using the field research method. The data used is aggregated in the database created by the author and used in the Internet environment, which contains information about the jewelry created by Latvian authors, such as materials, photographs of jewelry and others. In the period until June 17, 2018, data on 857 photos of Latvian jewelry were collected in the system, the authors used 48 different jewelry making techniques, by creating jewelry and jewelry collections,. Within the framework of this article, the abovementioned data are described in more detail, both from the point of view of statistical indicators, and from the point of view of various aspects, as well as specific examples of jewelry are considered. The work also gives an assessment of the changes in the techniques used over time, for example, in addition to the traditional metalworking methods, today the metal threads are also knitted and crocheted. This can be attributed to the tendency that people greatly appreciate handicrafts and handicraft techniques in metalworking as well. In addition, historically, men were engaged in the manufacture of jewelry more than women, but when looking at the statistics of authors, it should be concluded that women nowadays make jewelry more than men, but women in their turn have historically handled such types of handicraft like knitting and crocheting. Similarly, the transfer of techniques used in the history of Latvia to nowadays jewelry has been described, for example, during the last decade there has been a marked increase in the processing of amber as well as in the use of glass pearl embroidery techniques.

Keywords: jewelry, design, technology, nowadays

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