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In the present paper the author discuss architecture as an art and its language which is architectural drawing, the oldest and most efficient system of its representation. Although drawings such as sectional views or projections are expressed by means of unequivocal symbols that are generally understood and leave no margin for interpretation, there exists a whole sphere of more abstract notions which includes sketches as records of individual ideas that often only remain on paper but sometimes create a new reality. At this point, it is worth mentioning that the paper deals not only with the form of drawing or graphical representation of ideas but also with its emotional load, force of expression and historical connotations. Nowadays, watching the sketches by famous architects seems to be a kind of encroachment on their privacy, emotional sphere and subjective reactions.
Teaching freehand drawing as part of architectural education at Cracow University of Technology, author has experience in shaping didactic process and students’ the ability to draw by hand. That experiences play a basic role in further research works, among other, concerning the role they play as a pieces of art.
Looking at the sketches of well-known architects seems to be a kind of encroachment on their privacy, emotional sphere and subjective reactions. The reason is that drawing is a way to express the author’s intentions and ideas. An image is a unique form of providing information about objects and forms because no words or other media can describe them. Drawing has forms of communication of its own. What matters is the ability to contain in a sketch concise and factual information, to present the complexity of the project, material and non-material parameters and assumptions. It is a record of thoughts rushing through one’s head, a temporary note of ideas which have not been quite defined. It hardly ever is a result of a rational action, controlled by sight. On the contrary, it originates from a psychophysical process steered by the subconscious. They say that the moment the pencil touches paper, one closes one’s eyes and it is the moment of blindness.

Keywords: art, architecture, drawing, steps, process

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