IXth SWS International Scientific Conferences
International Conference on SOCIAL SCIENCES - ISCSS2022, 22-31 August, 2022
International Conference on ARTS & HUMANITIES - ISCAH2022, 22-31 August, 2022

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SWS International Scientific Conferences on Social Sciences and on Art & Humanities are interdisciplinary forum, focused on the SOCIAL DIMENSIONS OF THE 2030 AGENDA, MULTICULTURALISM, and the CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL ISSUES in front of one UNCOMPROMISING, ECOLOGICAL and SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.
Welcome to the IXth SWS International Conference on SOCIAL SCIENCES
22-31 August, 2022
Maritim Paradise Blue Congress Centre
Albena, Bulgaria

Welcome to the IXth SWS International Conference on ARTS & HUMANITIES
22-31 August, 2022
Maritim Paradise Blue Congress Centre
Albena, Bulgaria

Back there in 18th century, Christian Wolff differentiated three types of ontological metaphysics, regarding the spirit, the world and God. Later on, Wilhelm Dilthey divided two types of science: Human science and Natural science. Since then, we witness a great schism between what is considered to be, on the one hand, subjective and on the other – objective studies. The gap between Human and Natural sciences became bigger with the idea of falsifiability introduced by Karl Popper in 20th century. In that picture, we could imagine that Social Sciences lay, somewhat, in the middle between the two already mentioned. The majority of the Social Sciences exploit the scientific methods borrowed from Natural Sciences (Antipositivism, or Interpretivism, is exception), whereas Humanities mostly use critique, speculation and comparative historical methodology.
There is a large dispute on what the main disciplines within Social Sciences are, and what goes beyond the definition, into the area of Humanitarian studies. Nevertheless, we could outline the scope of Social Sciences. The foremost subdomains are Anthropology, Psychology, Economics, Archeology, Cultural Studies, Political Science, Social History and Sociology. On the behalf of Humanities, these are Philosophy, History, Linguistics and Language Studies, Literature and Arts. Although, these two domains are diametrically opposite ways to fathom the world’s phenomena, they could lend a lot to each other. Nowadays, science becomes more and yet more interdisciplinary. Therefore, one significant breakthrough into some of the branches of Social Sciences could surge a great inspiration for Arts, and vice versa. There are many examples of that effect as the immense spurs that Marxism or Psychoanalysis were for multitude of artists, or how science fiction or “stream of consciousness” literature provoked various scientific researches and discoveries.

As world is not divided into subjects and objects, and human being is not made out of two parts – body and soul but they are entities, the same way, we should not, categorically, separate Human and Natural sciences, or Social Sciences and Arts. Although, differentiation is obligatory for our mind to comprehend and seize its targets, we produce meaningful ideas when all the analyzed parts are put back together. In the same manner, we should reconcile the different aspects of knowledge in order to step in a bit deeper into the understanding of Universe within and without us.


International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences (ISCSS) represent the more objective and scientific side of human sciences. For Social Sciences’ most strong part is that, generally, they could do researches while encompassing large groups of people. Taking into account the modern development of technological devices and computational methods, Sociology for instance, could bring up statistics that would have seemed impossible to grasp for the previous generations of scientists.


Arts and Humanities (ISCAH)

International Scientific Conference on Arts and Humanities (ISCAH) focus on those subtle elements, which construct our inner world and its paradoxical dynamics and expressions, and its correlations with the social world. All the disciplines and creative activities within the field of Humanities & Arts are powerful means when applied to in-depth analysis of the individual, of a historical event or a particular idea. They could plunge into a problem, even without any scientific consideration and thus scrutinize its subjective and hidden aspects.

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After long consideration and discussions, we have decided to divide the field of Social Sciences, Humanities & Arts (SSHA) and provide you with two separate conferences, or more correctly, two individual panels within one conference. Of course, we should not, categorically, detach Social Sciences from Humanities & Arts or vice versa, but it is an old and well-proven fact that through differentiation, we could better observe the details. Yet, the two branches have different approaches and premises. Therefore, as a precedent, you will enjoy two distinct platforms:
> SWS International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences (ISCSS) and
> SWS International Scientific Conference on Arts and Humanities (ISCAH).

Become ISCSS or ISCAH lecturer (live or virtual) and enrich your research experience in cooperation with other scientists no matter if you are devoted to “Social Sciences” or to “Arts and Humanities”. Join us and reveal the power of the multidisciplinarity!

IXth International Conference on Social Sciences ISCSS 2022 and IXth International Conference on Arts and Humanities ISCAH 2022 will take place at Maritim Paradise Blue Congress centre, in the picturesque region of one of the best Black Sea Resort & Spa, Albena Bulgaria.

We will start with the modern social sciences, will go through the classicism and the criticism with the humanities, and will finish in the amazing world of art. The whole period for both Conferences ISCSS and ISCAH is 22-31 August, 2022.
More than a week of Science and Art!
One conference with two panels - a journey through social sciences and art in all their aspects!

We welcome everyone who wants to enjoy the magical symbiosis of Science and Art!
IXth SWS International Scientific Conference on
on SOCIAL SCIENCES - ISCSS2022, period: 22-31 August, 2022

IXth SWS International Scientific Conference on
on ARTS & HUMANITIES - ISCAH2022, period: 22-31 August, 2022

Maritim Paradise Blue *****, Congress Center
Albena Resort & Spa, Bulgaria

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