Type of Sessions
The SWS Scientific Committee has a strong commitment of providing opportunities for conference participants to exchange knowledge and ideas, communicate and learn from each other. The conference programme combines a number of sessions and events that are designed specifically to promote interactions among the on-site members of the knowledge art-community. These range from more formal Oral and Poster sessions, through parallel Invited Session presentations, Workshop discussions and Live Art Performances to informal coffee breaks and optional social activities.

Scientific Sessions & Workshops & Performances

Conference participants present their work in parallel sessions scheduled throughout 7 conference days. Aiming to keep the value of interactions among participants, these sessions are arranged in a programme that allows live discussions following the formal presentations. Parallel Sessions consist of:



Oral/Poster paper presentations are organized into thematic areas by the conference programing committee. Parallel oral sessions in three conference halls.

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PhD Sessions


PhD paper presentations (Oral/Poster) are organized into thematic areas by the SWS programing committee. Daily sessions parallel to the rest presentations.

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Workshop Sessions


Experts and senior scientists are welcomed to prepare and submit proposals for an interactive-workshop session where concepts will be taught, demonstrated or explored. Discussions and exercises involving the audience are preferential and always expected.

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We welcome all poets, musicians, painters, artists and designers of all types of art to demonstrate their talent, current work or to exhibit artwork, models, make a performance or interactive presentation.

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See what benefits you will receive by becoming one of the event's sponsors. Choose your best Sponsorship Package and take all the advantages from this international scientific event!

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    • Laptops (MS Windows 10 with full MS Office 13/365l) with sound;
    • State-of-the-art multimedia technology that guarantees a perfect work process at the highest level for all kinds of presentation;
    • Wi-Fi Internet connection 50 Mbps - free for all participants in the conference hall area;
    • Laser pointer;
    • Additional wireless microphones (for questions/comments from the audience);
    •  HP DesignJet Plotter (available print format A1-A4) - achieve accurate lines and sharp details in your designs, maps, photos, and presentations at resolutions more than 2400 dpi.

Note: If you want your POSTER MATERIAL (A1/color) to be printed at the venue - please ask the organizing team about this service via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: If a Speaker needs some specific media device in addition, he must inform the organizers at least 4 weeks prior to the conference start.


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To prepare your POSTER presentation in accordance with the conference requirements, please download this SWS POSTER TEMPLATE INSERT your paper text in it and SEND it BACK to [email protected] Thank you!


To prepare your final manuscript in accordance with the conference requirements, please download this SWS PAPER TEMPLATE INSERT your paper text in it and SEND it BACK to [email protected] Thank you!

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