Xth SWS International Scientific Conference on ARTS & HUMANITIES (ISCAH)
20-25 August, 2023
Maritim Paradise Blue Congress Centre
Albena, Bulgaria

We could find the origins of the ideas of Humanities & Arts way back there in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The first concepts of systematic education (paideia and later on humanitas), the rise of dramaturgy, the great works of Architecture, Sculpture, and Poetry, and the rise of Philosophy. The second big wave of humanitarian studies was during the Renaissance and the following period of Enlightenment. The great discovery of Humanism and inherent human values. This spectrum of our activities is as old as the western civilization and has proved to soothe some of our greatest spiritual needs. We cannot imagine the world without Arts, History, Law, or Psychology. They are irreplaceable parts of our culture.

Nowadays, no one will argue against the importance of the human sciences or the cathartic qualities of artistic expression. We have faced the fact that our inner world is as significant and worthy of inquiring into as the physical phenomena. Humanities and Arts are the sciences of the spirit. As Albert Einstein once said: “All religions, arts, and sciences are branches of the same tree”.

Originally, we are all on a search for a better understanding of the universe in and out of us – two parts indivisibly interconnected. You are welcome to participate in that journey towards the unknown possibilities of human nature.


SWS International Scientific Conference on Art & Humanities (ISCAH) aims to bring together leading international academic scholars and researchers to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of the magical world of art and humanities. We also aim to provide a first-class interdisciplinary platform by using different perspectives, approaches, and research methods, which will ensure scientific progress beyond the scope of one particular research area.



SWS International Scientific Conference on Art & Humanities (ISCAH) scope comprises a broad selection of presentations, studies, and research papers in the main branches of Art & Humanitie. It focuses on human beings and their culture - Archaeology, Philosophy, History, Linguistics, Poetry and Literature, Performing and Visual Arts, Architecture, following by studies through the Medieval period up to the rise of the Renaissance studies.

All submitted manuscripts will pass a peer review process (type double-blind, with 2 or 3 independent reviewers) under strict criteria, selected specifically for the conference, which guarantees the independent and transparent process between authors and reviewers. The SWS International Scientific Committee is the only competent authority in deciding on the selection or rejection of the manuscripts submitted to the conferences. There is no guarantee that your paper will be accepted - it depends only on the evaluations of the independent peer-reviewers (more info)



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